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Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Sunday, 01 September 2013 23:40



The set launches on Feb 7, 2014

For the newest set of MTG we will be hosting the following events;


Prerelease Party:  February 1st at 1PM and 6PM and 2nd at 1PM, 2014

Release Party February 7th, 2014 at 7PM

Gameday Party March 1st, 2014 at 2PM


*The prerelease events will be a sealed *

*The release will be a sealed event*

*The gameday is a standard tournament


We will also be offering the following preorder options;



1/2 Box (18 Booster)          $65

1 Box (36 Boosters)           $115

3 Boxes (108 Boosters)     $330

1 Case (216 Booster)        $600

The First 20 customers to order a box will get a free buy a box card (limit one per customer)


Fat Packs

Preorder a fat pack for $43


Intro decks

Preorder a set of all five intro decks for $55


*In addition anyone who preorders items for the set will have their name entered into a draw for $50 in singles*


*Come in soon as we will only be offering a limited supply for preorders*

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Lazy Man's Boxing Day Sale PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Saturday, 28 December 2013 04:36


Lazy Man's Boxing Day Sale

It is going to happen on Saturday December 28th beginning at 1PM and will last until we close on Sunday December 29th!

We will have a random discount that will be extended to all customers.  After you have selected your purchases you will get to pull a ball out of a bag that will give you a discount of anywhere from 20-35% off your purchase*

***All Boardgames and LCGs will get a bonus 10% off***

*the discount will not apply to our door crashers.  Also our usual 10% discount on purchases over $150 will not apply for the day.

Door Crashers

-All individual Heroclix 50% off (Bricks Will Be $75)

-MTG booster boxes. Regularly $125 On sale for $100

-MTG Intro, Event and Dual Decks 40% off

Come in early for your best Selection and remember the more you spend the more you save!! ;)

See you all on Saturday and Sunday!

Christmas is Coming!! Stay tuned for great savings! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Saturday, 09 November 2013 22:14


That means we will all have to fend for our presents this year!


The good news is that we of the Claw will be having a big sale to help ease the burden!


Please stay tuned for our holiday sale that will begin on Thursday November 14th!

Christmas Sale! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Friday, 15 November 2013 03:45

Our sale starts Friday November 15th.


To help everyone with their Christmas Shopping we will be having the following sales;



-10% off on all boardgames

-20% off on all Munchkin


LCG Card Games (Including A Game of Thrones, CoC, Netrunner, Star Wars, LotR)

-10% off

-20% off if you buy 3 or more


Magic The Gathering

-All event and intro decks 40% off

-Theros Holiday Gift Packs $22

-All in stock boxes (not including Modern Masters) $115

-Modern Masters $15/pack $300/box

-All deck boxes and Sleeves 10% off


Heroclix (massive Clear out)

-All Bricks on sale for $100

-All other Hero Clix on sale for 30% off


Games Workshop

-All Models on sale for 10% off

-All GW accessories and paint 15% off


Come in and see us for your best gift buying selection!


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Space Marines Preorders PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Sunday, 01 September 2013 23:48


The New release for Games Workshop; Space Marines are coming September 7th!

Come in Prior to the 6th to place your preorders and receive a 10% discount!

Also we will be doing a midnight release for this one so you can get all your products on Friday September 6th at the end of the day.



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