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Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Sunday, 18 May 2014 21:02

We would like to welcome everyone to the first annual Redclaw Invitational!

This is the first annual tournament that we are throwing to show appreciation to our local magic community!!  There will be door prizes, extra tournament prizing and in store specials.

When: Saturday June 7th 2014

Where: In the store

Starts: Store opens at 9AM Cards out at 10AM

Details: Theros Block sealed with 5 rounds and a top 8 draft.

Price: $35

Registration: Starts now and is limited to the first 32 paid participants.

Prizes:  On top of our usual sealed prize pool of 4 packs per person we will also be giving away the following;

1st place:  Tarmogoyf (Modern Masters)

Other tournament prizes include:

-Emrakul, The Aeons Torn (Prerelease Promo) x2

-Grove of the Burnwillows (From the Vault: Realms)

Door Prizes Include:

-4 artist signed foil frost titans

-1 artist signed Mondronen Shamen

-Many more-Every participant is guaranteed a door prize!

So hurry in to get yourself registered!

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MTG Journey into Nix Preorders and Events PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Sunday, 01 September 2013 23:40



The set launches on May 2nd, 2014

For the newest set of MTG we will be hosting the following events;


Prerelease Party:  April 26th at 1PM and 6PM and 27th at 1PM, 2014

Release Party May 2nd, 2014 at 7PM

Gameday Party May 31st , 2014 at 2PM


*The prerelease events will be a sealed *

*The release will be a sealed event*

*The gameday is a standard tournament


We will also be offering the following preorder options;



1/2 Box (18 Booster)          $65

1 Box (36 Boosters)           $115

3 Boxes (108 Boosters)     $330

1 Case (216 Booster)        $600

The First 20 customers to order a box will get a free buy a box card (limit one per customer)


Fat Packs

Preorder a fat pack for $43


Intro decks

Preorder a set of all five intro decks for $55


*Come in soon as we will only be offering a limited supply for preorders*

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Christmas Sale! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Friday, 15 November 2013 03:45

Our sale starts Friday November 15th.


To help everyone with their Christmas Shopping we will be having the following sales;



-10% off on all boardgames

-20% off on all Munchkin


LCG Card Games (Including A Game of Thrones, CoC, Netrunner, Star Wars, LotR)

-10% off

-20% off if you buy 3 or more


Magic The Gathering

-All event and intro decks 40% off

-Theros Holiday Gift Packs $22

-All in stock boxes (not including Modern Masters) $115

-Modern Masters $15/pack $300/box

-All deck boxes and Sleeves 10% off


Heroclix (massive Clear out)

-All Bricks on sale for $100

-All other Hero Clix on sale for 30% off


Games Workshop

-All Models on sale for 10% off

-All GW accessories and paint 15% off


Come in and see us for your best gift buying selection!


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Lazy Man's Boxing Day Sale PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Saturday, 28 December 2013 04:36


Lazy Man's Boxing Day Sale

It is going to happen on Saturday December 28th beginning at 1PM and will last until we close on Sunday December 29th!

We will have a random discount that will be extended to all customers.  After you have selected your purchases you will get to pull a ball out of a bag that will give you a discount of anywhere from 20-35% off your purchase*

***All Boardgames and LCGs will get a bonus 10% off***

*the discount will not apply to our door crashers.  Also our usual 10% discount on purchases over $150 will not apply for the day.

Door Crashers

-All individual Heroclix 50% off (Bricks Will Be $75)

-MTG booster boxes. Regularly $125 On sale for $100

-MTG Intro, Event and Dual Decks 40% off

Come in early for your best Selection and remember the more you spend the more you save!! ;)

See you all on Saturday and Sunday!

Christmas is Coming!! Stay tuned for great savings! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Saturday, 09 November 2013 22:14


That means we will all have to fend for our presents this year!


The good news is that we of the Claw will be having a big sale to help ease the burden!


Please stay tuned for our holiday sale that will begin on Thursday November 14th!


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