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Friday, 18 November 2011 20:24

It was a big week for orders and we have a lot of new items and some key restocks.


Back to and new to the Claw,


Magic The Gathering

The New Graveborn premium all foil deck is in.  We have very limited stock on this one so do not wait.


Games Workshop

We have restock of the Necrons, including the Codex.

We also just received the new limited edition Christmas items.

The 'Eavy Metal Brush set with the limited edition Medium.

Special edition colour cases featuring pluck foam for Warhammer fantasy and 40,000

Limited edition dice sets


Army Painter

Colour Primers.  We just got the whole line up back in stock, including their newest colour Alien Purple

In the army painter world we also got back in their line up of tufts and flock.



We have restocked on all the box sets and all three rulebooks.

We also got the in new Seamus alt, sculpt and his Avatar model.  As well we received the new Mechanical Rider.


World Of Warcraft

We got in the new dungeon decks and Treasure packs.


Sabol Foam and cases

Restock of the Motor Pool Army transport, as well as many different sizes of foam.


Board games.

Quarriors is back in stock.

New expansions in for Thunderstone, Civilization, Nightfall and Ghost Stories.

Discworld Ankh-Morpork by Mayfair Games

Panic Station by Stronghold games.

Eaten by Zombies.


LCG Games

Major restock of Game of Thrones

New chapter decks for Warhammer Invasion and Lord of the Rings.


Hobby Supplies

Lots of new Dice to choose from

A new line of pre painted terrain from War Torn Worlds


These are the highlights, but there is more so come on in and check it out.


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