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Sunday, 12 February 2012 23:32


Terra Clips Are finally back in stock.  These sold out in days last time we got them in so get yours while supplies last!


Skirmish Games


In addition to the terra clips we have a restock of several factions and some new models including avatars and alternative sculpts



We have brought in the rule books and box sets and soon will be bringing in the boosters.



We have gotten in a big restock including the new vampire counts.



Star Trek Starter and Boosters

Lord of The Rings Gravity feed

We also have a restock of Incredible Hulk Bricks and Boosters



Magic the Gathering

Dark Ascension is in full swing.  We are out of fatpacks, but still have some boxes in and have a limited supply of the Gravecrawler buy a box card left.



We have a restock of chapter decks for The Game Of Thrones and Lord Of the Rings.


Board Games

Too many to list.  We have expansions for Ascension, The star Trek Deck building game, and many more.

Fantasy Flight's remake of Descent is coming out soon.  See in stores for details on preordering.


Hobby Supplies

Secret Weapon Pigments are in.  Great for effects from rusting and other shading and great for basing.


Paint Brushes and paints

Full restock of the Army painter brushes and color primers


These are a few of the key items, but there are many more.  Come in and see all the great items we have for your gaming and hobby needs.

Also keep checking back as with the spring their are a lot of great releases coming!


See you soon.


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