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Written by Red Claw Gaming   
Sunday, 01 April 2012 18:58


When it comes to huge deals, you don't get much bigger than this. The Citadel Paint bundle contains all 145 paints in the Citadel Paint Range. From Imperial Primer right up to 'Ardcoat, every single paint is included, which means you'll never be sitting there wondering what colours you need to get next (because you'll already have them all!).

At the Claw we are offering this promo in two ways.

1) If you want the figure case we will offer this bundle at $600.  That is right a $45 savings off of the GW promo.

2) If you don't need the case we will offer you all the paints for an amazing price of $500

*there will be no additional discounts on these bundles, but anything you purchase at the same time will be 10% off.

Prepay early to ensure that you get yours on launch day!

Also coming soon!

New Empire rulebook and models.  we will carry the full line as it is released.  for details and pricing go to


As always if you preorder you automatically save 10%

These are some great releases and some fantastic promos.


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