Table Booking

As Alberta has moved into phase 2 of the relaunch, more activities have been authorized.  Red Claw will now open a few of the 6x4 tables for gaming.  The following restrictions will be in place:

  1. There will only be two tables available for game play.
  2. The tables may only be used for two player table top miniature games.
  3. You will use the terrain and mat that have are provided for you on the table.  Once you have completed your game you will pack up the terrain and roll up the mat.  Please leave these on the table.  Staff will then take the mat and terrain to the back where they will be isolated for 24 hours.  (unfortunately you will not be able to pick your box of terrain at this time.)
  4. During game play if it is not your turn you will be required to stand in a designated area, in order to maintain distancing.  Only one person will be at the table at any time.  You will have to alternate back and forth for dice rolling and you must roll your own dice.
  5. Masks must be worn while playing and in the immediate table area.  If you do not have a mask, one will be available for purchase.
  6. We ask that you do not bring spectators with you to your game, as we are still under restrictions for the amount of people we can have in the store.
  7. In order to manage the games taking place in store we will be using the online booking process.  Only one person needs to book the table, please completely fill out the form.  Time slots are two and a half hours long, please be on time, if you are late your time may not be extended, please respect the time limit.
  8. Players are expected to use the hand sanitizer prior to their game
  9. If at any time a player is not following the rules, they will be asked to pack up and leave.  Red Claw is not willing to risk people's safety.
  10. The Staff are following the direction of the President of Red Claw Gaming (Dave) if at any time you have any concerns with the above restrictions, please request the staff to contact Dave and set up a meeting with you.  Staff do not have the authority to grant exceptions or make changes.

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