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    This new starter set pits the T’au Air Caste’s advanced aircraft against pugnacious Imperial Navy and seconded Astra Militarum flyers.

    You’ll get absolutely everything you need to fly your first sorties, including a set of five aircraft for each side, a game mat and rulebook, dice, reference sheets, tokens and a transfer sheet. The T’au force includes three Barracudas and two Tiger Sharks, each with a wide array of weapon options. The Imperium’s forces consist of two Valkyrie Assault Carriers, which can alternatively be built as Vendettas, plus three Lightning Strike Fighters, one of which can be built as a Lightning Fighter.

    The Imperial Navy and Astra Militarum craft are fully compatible with your existing collection, which makes this box a great choice for both new and current players.

    - $110.00

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