BF Shield Bag Pluck Foam Load Out

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    The BF Shield Bag is the ideal bag for the Gamer on a budget.  This bag is made with a grey canvas material.  There are two pockets on each side of the bag as well as two on the front to store books and other gaming accessories.  

    Unlike the P.A.C.K. System bags, this bag is not made with a hard plastic inner shell and will collapse when not filled with foam.

    With this load out option, you will recieve the following foam trays:

    • 1x 1.5 inch (38 mm) Pluck Foam Tray
    • 1x 2 Inch (50 mm) Pluck Foam Tray
    • 1x 4 Inch (102 mm) Pluck Foam Tray 
    • 2x Foam Toppers

    At times, pluck foam trays may require an exacto blade to cut through portions of the foam.

    - $92.50

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