Crucible Guard Infantry

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    Infantry has been a core element of the Crucible Guard since its inception, with each new generation hitting the field with new and improved variations on proven equipment designs. Each is equipped with a Crucible Arms Model 609 rifle, with variable ammunition designed to target a range of opponents and a hermetically sealed suit of armor treated to withstand various caustic agents. Infantry members wear breather masks that filter out smoke and other toxins, allowing the soldiers to operate in hostile environments for prolonged periods. The Guard’s infantry holds the front line of an engagement; they are trained to operate in tight skirmish formation and to serve as a worthy counter to the foot soldiers of any rival army.

    Crucible Guard Infantry, as well as their Officer & Standard, are the standard rank-and-file infantry of the Crucible Guard. As such, they are an excellent addition to many Crucible Guard armies. Providing a powerful gun line with a variety of shot types, this unit is best supported by warcasters such as Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart & Mr. Clogg (PIP37015), who can further enhance their ranged capabilities.

    - $30.75

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