Cubeamajigs: Series 2: Cardboard Crack 1 (10 Pk)

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    Cubeamajigs are reusable gaming packs that allow you to recreate the experience of opening a sealed pack of cards! They also serve as a great way to store a sideboard or cards together.

    1 pack can hold:
    • 15+ Double Sleeved Cards (including Perfect Hards), or
    • 20+ Single Sleeved Cards, or
    • 40+ Sleeveless Cards, or
    • 35 12mm Dice


    • Includes ten card packs, capable of holding up to 400 cards
    • Recreates the experience of opening a booster pack
    • Compatible with standard TCG/playing card size
    • Made from a sturdy durable plastic
    • Custom interlocking mechanism
    • Helps prevent damage to cards and sleeves
    • Scratch-resistant coating
    • Compatible with standard playing card sleeves (Dragon Shield, UltraPRO etc.)
    • Fits into most deck boxes and gaming boxes
    • Packaged in a 400-card count box

    - $22.25

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