Dark Legacy: The Rising Chaos vs Tech Starter

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    Ø  Dark Legacy is a 2-player card battle game with RPG elements, that focuses on character customizations and immersive story! Battle to gain experience and level up your character!

    Ø  Each Starter Set comes with 120 playable cards across 2 different factions

    Ø  There are 2 of 6 opposing factions included in this starter set

    Ø  Original game design by Bryan Tillman

    Ø  All original art! 

    Dark Legacy: The Rising is a unique card battle game that mixes strategy, character-building and dice rolling. You take on the role of a hero within one of six different clashing factions on the war-torn planet Titan. To defeat your opponent, you can build up a deck of magic spells that no one can withstand and summon the strongest army with the unique and various weapons, armor and relics by rolling the d20 strategically

    Squaring off in this starter set:

    Chaos: The Chaos faction is the most brutal and violent collection of people that Titan has ever seen. They exist solely to gain more power and have those who oppose them kneel at their feet. Kaiser is the leader of the Chaos faction. He is a powerful battle mage who has proven that there is no one who can stand up to his might. Kaiser rules by intimidation. 


    Tech: The Tech faction is the reason why Titan is so technologically advanced. They pride themselves in creativity and innovation. This has been both a blessing and a curse for the planet of Titan. Tyoshi is the leader of the Tech faction. He uses advanced                     technology to better the quality of life and to provide protection for those in need. Tyoshi leads by innovation.  

    PRODUCT BREAKDOWN:          

    Game Unit:

    o   2 Decks of 60 Cards
    o   2 playmats
    o   1 Token Sheet
    o   4 Dice d20
    o   1 Rulebook


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