Galaxy Dust Colorshifter Set

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    Selection of ready to use metallic acrylic airbrush colors. The multichromatic pigments used in the formulation of these colors give them a vibrant metallic sparkle, while their glass-like coating acts like a refracting prism. Each flake presents a variety of color depending on the angle of view and incident light; the color shift effect is observable with both high and low-gloss applications and in a wide variety of lighting conditions and is intensified if the colors are applied on a curved surface, while best effects are obtained over a gloss black base color.

    The Galaxy Dust paint set contains the following cold shades with subtle chromatic variations. Includes 6 The Shifters in bottles of 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz., with eyedropper.

    77.002 Light Violet / Green
    77.008 Green Gold / Cold Blue
    77.009 Turquoise / Violet
    77.010 Emerald Green / Mauve
    77.017 Green / Silver Blue
    77.018 Dark Green / Tin

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