Panzer IV/70 Platoon

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    Includes five plastic Panzer IV/70 (7.5cm) or Jagpanzer IV Assault Guns and one Decal Sheet.

    The Panzer IV/70 tank combined the excellent gun of the Panther tank with the tested hull of the Panzer IV tank. With additional armour this made for a formidable fighting vehicle. The Panzer IV/70 is armed with the same long 7.5cm KwK42 L/70 gun as the Panther tank and can crack the front armour of any Soviet tank.

    Plastic Panzer IV/70 Sprue (x5)
    Plastic Tank Crew (x1)  
    Panzer Decal Sheet (x1)

    15mm, plastic
    Battlefront Miniatures

    - $65.00

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