Privateer Press Hordes Bag with Magna Rack Slider Load Out

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    Battle Foam is the official bag company of Privateer Press and has worked directly with the design team there to create the ideal storage solution for tournament players and collectors alike.

    The Hordes Bag can hold 13 inches (330 mm) of Privateer Press (PP) size foam trays (15.5W x 8.5L") or two stacks of 13 inches (330 mm) of Privateer Press Half (PP.5) size foam trays (8.5W x 7.75L").  The revolutionary design features many great options. Its rugged, black Ballistic Nylon exterior protects a hard plastic interior built for strength and durability.

    The Privateer Press and Hordes logos are clearly embroidered on the bag to help show off your colors. Areas on the bag allow for award medals to be hung and Velcro patches to be applied. Pockets and storage have been built with Hordes players in mind. A convenient area in the back of the bag will hold over 30 card sleeves. There are pockets for extra cards. Also included in the back area is a friendly place for 4 dry erase markers to mark your cards.

    This load out option comes fully loaded with the Magna Rack Slider Medium Kit for the Warmachine Bag, which includes:

    • 1x Medium Magna Rack Original Trays.
    • 3x Medium Magna Rack Slider Trays.
    • 4x 6 inch (152 mm) Magna Rack Spacer Legs.
    • 4x 3 inch (76 mm) Magna Rack Spacer Legs.
    • 4x 2 inch (50 mm) short Magna Rack Legs.
    • 4x Top Plugs
    • 4x Bottom Plugs
    • 4x Top Caps

    Please note that one tray in this kit is static and does NOT slide out. All other trays will slide out for easy access. 

    Surface scratches may be visible on the metal. Please understand when purchasing you may not have a blemish free surface. This will not affect the functionality of the Magna Racks.

    The Magna Rack Sliders trays have been designed for gamers who like to store and transport their miniatures that have been magnetized.  Magnetized models allow you to store your miniatures upright protecting them from rubbing on other materials.  Sliders allow for easy access to your models. And because they are completely removable you can go from tray to table and back again with ease.

    - $290.00

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