Puma Scout Troop

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    includes four plastic Puma or Sd Kfz 234 (2cm or Sd Kfz 234 (7.5cm) sprues, four Plastc Crew Sprues, one Decal Sheet, and three Unit Cards - Heer & SS.

    With their 5cm guns, the big eight-wheeled Puma give the light armoured cars of the armoured reconnaissance battalions some heavier back up. However, worried that commanders would start fights rather than scouting as they are supposed to, later production switched to the Sd Kfz 234/1 with a 2cm gun.

    Plastic Puma Sprue (x4)
    Tank Comander Sprue (x1)       
    Plastic Gun Crew Sprue (x4)
    Decal Sheet (x1)

    Unit Cards
    Puma Scout Troop (x1)
    Sd Kfz 234 (7.5cm) Gun Platoon (x1)

    15mm, plastic
    Battlefront Miniatures

    - $52.00

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