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    If you need elite American infantry to go further and do more than the ‘ordinary’ fighting man, you’ve come to the right place! Rangers are some of the very best troops available to a US commander in Bolt Action, combining veteran grit and excellent battlefield mobility with all the devastating firepower expected of US infantry. Made legends for their actions on D-Day, including the storming of the Pointe du Hoc cliffs, the Rangers are the perfect choice for a hard-hitting US force.

    This plastic boxed set forms the perfect core for an army of these tough-as-nails troops, giving you thirty Rangers who can be assembled into a wide variety of squads and weapons teams - including Ranger infantry squads, Officer, Sniper, and Bazooka teams, to name but a few -  to create a truly unique Bolt Action force. Each sprue is absolutely packed with detail and options, from the dynamically posed bodies and multiple arm variants, to the multitude of combat equipment, including knives (lots of knives!), entrenching tools, ‘Bangalore Torpedo’ and 'satchel' demolition charges, and more! A huge variety of heads ensure that no two models need look the same, with a collection of them inspired by the legendary Saving Private Ryan – a firm favourite of wargamers everywhere!

    US forces are fantastically simple to paint, and these Rangers are no exception. With only a few colours, you can quickly and easily bring your collection to life on the tabletop, and the awesome detail on these plastic sprues provides a fantastic opportunity to flex your painting muscles! Whether storming the beaches on D-Day, where the Ranger legend would be born, or pushing into Germany, you’ll have an army that looks great and packs a serious punch on the tabletop.

    Box Contains:

    • Enough plastic components to make 30 US Rangers miniatures, including bases.

    • A host of weapon and equipment options to allow for different weapon configurations and squads.

    • Additional heads inspired by the movie Saving Private Ryan.

    • Assembly options & painting guide.

    • Full-colour waterslide decals.

    - $67.00

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