Warhammer Quest Cursed City

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    A brand new Warhammer Quest game following in the tradition of Warhammer Quest, Silver Tower, and Blackstone Fortress, this product is a cooperative game for up to 4 players and with a full solo experience (please note that the box is marked as a 2-4 cooperative game).Warhammer Quest

    Containing 60 Citadel MiniaturesWarhammer Quest

    Includes 17 warscrolls for use in games of Age of Sigmar, including 8 warscrolls for the heroes and 9 warscrolls for the army of Radukar the Wolf, covering 38 of the miniatures included in this box, including: Captain Emelda Braskov, Qulathis the Exile, Jelson Darrock, Brutogg Corpse-Eater, Dagnai Holdenstock, Cleona Zeitengale, Glaurio ven Alten III, Octren Glimscry, and, Radukar the Wolf, Torgillius the Chamberlain, Watch Captain Halgrim, Gorslav the Gravekeeper, Kosargi Nightguard, Vyrkos Blood-born, Vargskyr, Zombies and Skeleton Warriors.

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