Wilds of Eldraine Two-Headed Giant Pre-release
Magic The Gathering

The fantastical plane of Eldraine is calling us back! The Wilds of Eldraine is packed with fantasy, mystical creatures, magic, and medieval-themed goodness! Our pre-release event will be a sealed two-headed giant event! Bring a partner, open your kits which contains 6 draft boosters and a foil promo you can use in your deck, and a spindown die. Build your 40 card minimum deck *you and your partner share a card pool, but keep track of your own cards!* and play 3 rounds of swiss!

Prizing will be in Wilds of Eldraine Set Boosters. 3 round wins per team get 6 packs each, 2 round wins per team gets 3 packs each, everyone else gets a pack each for playing and a special 30th anniversary promo as handed out by the tournament organizer.

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