Wizkids 4D Cemetery of the Fallen

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    Whether you need to set the scene for the somber funeral of a fallen adventurer or want to make an undead invasion more memorable for you players, Cemetery of the Fallen premium set is a must-have for Pathfinder Game Masters or players of any fantasy RPG!

    This fantastic premium set contains over 20 beautiful display pieces that will send shivers down your spine and create the perfect graveyard scene. Cemetery of the Fallen is perfect for anyone who needs a bit of horror in their adventures!

    1 Cemetery Gate
    2 Two-inch Fence Segments
    4 Four-inch Fence Segments
    1 Mausoleum
    2 Mausoleum Coffin
    4 Tombstone A
    4 Tombstone B
    2 Stone Coffin A
    2 Stone Coffin B

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